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Hup Thye Hardware SDN BHD’s agrochemicals product categories include fertilizer (organic/inorganic/urea/etc), fungicides, herbicides, pesticides (insecticides/rodenticides/etc). Besides agrochemicals, we also source and supply general hardware & accessories items to plantation. We are proud award winner of best distributor for some of these major manufacturer brand throughout the past 3 decades:
 Ancom Berhad
 Behn Meyer
 Crop Proctection
 Dow AgroSciences
 Farmco Chem
Clientele:- Prominent Conglomerates In Malaysia

Our distribution coverage network span across the whole of Peninsular Malaysia, with the majority our of clientele based in Southern, Central, and East Cost of Malaysia. Hup Thye Hardware SDN BHD is awarded tender holder to supply agrochemicals of all the major agrochemicals products to many of these plantation. Besides these large industry conglomerates, privately owned oil palm, rubber and tropical fruits orchard contribute to almost 40% of our total sales.

Felda Global Ventures Holdings (FGV)

Genting Plantation

IOI Corporation

Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK)

Sime Darby Plantation
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