ALGA 600
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Active Ingredient:
ORGANIC MATTER 35-40% + K(POTASSIUM) 17-19% + ALGINIC ACID 15-18% + N 0.5-0.8%

-Wild seaweed species: Sargassum spp., rich in alginic acid, hormones, polysaccharides, minerals, vitamins and amino acids
-High contect of natural PGRs and balanced spectrum of nutrients including polysaccharides and trace elements
-A unique lamellar and molecular design helping to prevent from hygroscopy and agglomeration

-Thickening, enlarging leaves, balancing leaf growth, promoting shoot elongration and breaking bud dormancy
-Promoting flower bud differentiation, improving blossom and fruit setting rates, uniforming fruit colour and fruit size
-Improving both biotic (fungal, bacterial, insect, etc) and abiotic (frost, drought, salinity) stress tolerance and suppressing soil borne diseases such as nematode infections
-Inreasing crop yield and quality, promoting early ripening (3-7 days in advance) and prolonging postharvest shelf-life(5-7 days)
-Mixed with NPK fertilizers to apply, it can significantly enhance utilization ratio of nutrients 


Available Packing:
500GM, 5KG

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