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Amino-Acid Chelated Calcium Boron 

Calcium (Cao): 12% w/w, Boron (B): 4% w/w 
Amino Acid: 25% w/w 

-Better and Faster Absorption 
-Improve Crop Yield, Quality and Uniformity 
-Increase Crop Resistance Towards Pest and Diseases 

Calborno is designed for foliar application on plants to improve crop growth and yields. Calborno can even be used in fertigation systems. Calborno is water soluble and nontoxic to plants when applied as directed. Calborno is chelated by amino acids. Since amino acids are the basic building blocks of protein found in all living organisms, the chelation of calcium and boron with amino acids provides a tremendous advantage in the efficiency of absorption and translocation of calcium and boron within plants.

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